June 19, 2013

"Owl" Always Love

Originally, I had made this skirt for Ayda's 2nd birthday party with a plain white shirt that I think I may have ironed on an owl from the fabric. A month or so ago I was going through bins of clothes that used to be Ayda's  for Myla to wear and I came across this skirt again.

WOW! How things have changed since that little girl's party. At the time, I was about 6 months along with Myla and Henry wasn't even in the picture and now Myla is already 18 months old. Anyway, I saw the skirt and thought I would make a new shirt and Myla could wear it too. And of course I already have some thoughts on making Ayda and Henry outfits too.

Peace and Fluf

June 12, 2013

Abundance of Blessings

I am so overwhelmed and excited all at the same time! My life has an abundance of blessings right now all the way down to my little grape tomatoes in my garden. This morning I went out to look at it (normally I do every night, but last night I was exhausted after playing 3 softball games with 4 work entities) and this hot weather has increased, I mean INCREEEASED the amounts of blooms and beginnings of vegetables.

Thanks for the stepping stone Mom

Summer Squash
Check out this yummy recipe I cannot wait to try here.




Peace and Fluf!

June 4, 2013

Breakfast at "Egg's"

Ever wonder what the floor looks like after 2 kids - 3 and under are done eating? Well, here ya go! Normally, it's not this bad, but Myla has decided it is fun to throw food on the floor, especially when her older sister thinks it is funny and encourages the behavior.

Recently, I read a blog about "being that mom who yells" at their kids (here) and this morning was a perfect example. I had to take a deep breath and calmly remind the girls how to use their manners. While I know Myla is still at a young age and doesn't completely know any better, I also need her to understand there are boundries...which are being tested daily. On the other hand, Little Missy knows the rules and understands manners, but now we need to talk about setting an example for her Little Sis.

In many ways, I wonder how I get through the day ... Everyday I pray for guidance as a mom and an extra ounce of patience...this is the only way... oh and a wonderful supportive husband and lots of love!

Peace and Fluf