March 30, 2013


I love finding cool, cheap buys. The other day I left work early to do all the necessary things around the house like cleaning, laundry, dishes, etc. because anyone with kids knows that is not happening when they are all at home, right? But somehow I found myself out shopping instead of doing all the "right" things. Springtime always inspires me for new ideas, new clothes, a new hairdo, and yes even a little new (to me) old blue bird.  I love finding these little treasures and seriously gives me so much pleasure. Weird I know, but I am a very simple girl and I could have spent $1000 on new clothes, a new "do", new shoes (don't worry, Adam, I didn't spend close to that!), but this little blue bird was my most favorite purchase of the day and it was only $1.00. I even paid for it with change out of my stash in my car. This little guy will be perched on a shelf in my new craft room.

March 28, 2013

Carrots, Carrots Everywhere!

Today, Ayda is having an Easter party at school.So, last night around 8pm I started making these cute little snack bags for the kids in her class. She was very excited about these and having an Easter egg hunt with her friends!
"E" is for Easter

March 26, 2013

For the Love of Crafting

For those of you who know me, know how much I love crafting. You can tell by walking into my house and seeing our family kitchen table piled high with leftover project material and my sewing machine. Some ask, "where do you eat dinner?" And I respond, "uh...right here." Yep, that's right! Spills and all, I will continue to craft at my table UNTIL...Adam decided to surprise me for Christmas and promised to build me a craftroom in the basement. (I think he got tired of the kitchen table being used as my craftroom and sewing table). Here is the progress being made. And actually it is even further, (I just do not have pictures for proof) but I actually have 2 coats of primer on the walls. Now I need to find some time to paint the ceiling and "color" :-) the walls and lay the floor. I'm super duper excited and so is Ayda because if you look in the 4th picture she says that's HER corner...haha.


March 21, 2013

To Great-Grandma's house we go!

What a day! Lets just say packing for three kids 3 and under is a bit stressful. Throughout the 4 hour process of getting ready to pack, planning what to pack, and finally packing can really wear a  momma out. Three kids x 4 days = 4 outfits + 2 extra for each = 18 outfits (not including jammmers which = 12), 3 pairs of shoes x 3 = 9 pairs of shoes. Diapers, formula, bottles, spoons, baby food, tylenol, bibs, burp rags, 2 pack-n-plays,booster seat sippy cups, toys, lovies, blankets, and bath essentials. Needless to say the car is packed. We may have to leave a few things behind just to fit in some IKEA purchases!

After several attempts of trying to go to MN to visit my grandparents we are finally on our way. The first try was for the Bender family reunion. Last minute we were unable to go because my doctor put me on bedrest with our second child, Myla. Second attempt, my doctor put me on bedrest with our third child, Henry (within 10 months from 2nd child). Third time is a charm...right?

So far not so bad, besides the fact that our oldest, Ayda, is still awake at 11:30pm. We've had some interesting conversations...whew,  this kid can talk!

Gotta go...almost to our hotel for the night. This should be a peach getting all three settled and to sleep. I may fall asleep tonight...or not!

Updates to follow. Goodnight!

March 20, 2013

Why I decided to start a blog

Well the day has come...having 3 kids, plus a wonderful husband, I am always feeling the need to express myself creatively, emotionally, and quietly! So here is the beginning of my blogging world...I want to share stories about my kids, my crafts, and our simple life we live.