August 25, 2013

Bridal Shower Fun

Here are a few projects I completed for a bridal shower on Sunday. I was asked to help with the attendance prizes so I made 3 hand towels with spatulas and the his/her wine glasses. I love the mustache for the man and the diamond for the girl. I used extra strong magnets and hot glued the glitz to one of the magnets and then put one magnet on the inside of the glass and - wholla! The bottoms are spray painted with chalk paint so you can customize it for your friends.
These other hand towels are especially made for the bride. Her new last name will begin with "N" and the other is my favorite. The bride-to-be is an avid hunter and I just thought this was too cute to pass up.


August 24, 2013

Mix Match Kiddie Outfits

The other day I mentioned I had picked up some cute material to make the kids outfits, well here are the finished products. This whole sewing clothes is kinda new to me, but excites me because I love LOVE fabric (dangerous), so when I go to the store - watch out (especially now) because I have about a gazillion ideas of what I could do with this lovely, ever-so adorable, stinkin' cute, I wonder what it would look like..., I should make this, oh my - I have to have this, the kids would look so sweet in this...material. Yep, now you got a little glimpse of how my mind explodes. It's tiring!
Last night when we all got home I showed Ayda and Myla their new outfits and Ayda couldn't stop hugging me. Myla's face lit up and she squealed. Ayda tried hers on and you would have thought she was wearing the best name brand clothing line. She even ran to match a headband with it. So mama was quite pleased with their reaction.

Peace and (tired) Fluf!

August 22, 2013

Bubby's Bedroom

Since my craft room has been finished, I am enjoying sewing more and more. In fact, there are many nights that I realize it is almost 11pm before I come upstairs and then decide to watch an episode of Breaking Bad with my hubby. There
are just too many things I want to do and not enough hours in the day. Lately, I have been trying to make an effort in finishing one unfinished project before moving onto a completely new one. I finally finished Little Bubby's curtains and cribskirt and created a little wall art too.

August 19, 2013

If You Can't Handle the Heat...

This weekend I definitely stayed busy - between mommying, running, sewing, and canning I don't think I could have done another thing...well cleaning should have been 3rd on the list, and tonight the floors will at least be hand mopped because after all this tomato squeezing our kitchen may look more like a butcher shop! At one point I looked down and poor Henry had tomato juice on his little head and Myla was digging out tomato skins from the trash can.

Last weekend a sweet cousin helped me make salsa and we tried a mango salsa and it was okay, but not great. It had quite a kick with some homegrown habanero peppers and sweet cucumbers from the garden. I liked it, but Adam not so much. We both thought peach salsa would be good, so this is the recipe I kind of followed (here). I also made regular salsa, which I just threw together using tomatoes, green/red peppers, onion, jalepenos, cilantro, cumin, and cayenne pepper. Needless to say, I think we are salsa fulfilled for the next year. After I finished canning all this, I went out to the garden and brought in about 25 more tomatoes and a bowl of green beans. This little garden of ours has been great this year. Already looking forward to next year and the possibility of making it bigger!

Peace and Fluf

Little Boy Shorts

I have been looking for a pattern to make simple shorts for my little guy. Every pattern I would see was more than what I could actually buy the shorts for, so I looked online and got an idea of patterns and then just went for it. They didn't turn out too bad, although they are more like capris, which I think always look adorable on little kids.

This weekend I did buy two patterns for the girls and got coordinating material to make all 3 of them outfits. Ayda's pants are finished, Myla's almost completed (needed to measure her little waist), and Henry's will take no time at all. I hope to have it all finished this weekend.

August 13, 2013

Bedroom Makeover

I think every room of our house has a splash of color. I am not afraid to experiment with paint colors, however when I painted our bedroom navy, I was never sold on the color, but didn't have much of an option because shortly after I painted it we got pregnant...pregnant...and oops pregnant again. So needless to say, I was busy with babies and of course making their rooms cute and fun for them.

This past weekend I had planned on getting this HUGE task accomplished and I finally did it! I am so pleased the way it turned out and now I am excited to start adding the little touches.

I absolutely fell in love with this on Pinterest (here), so I recreated it for our bedroom. I want our room to be a place where we can get away from it all (kids, toys, dirty dishes, laundry, phones, etc.) and talk about our day. Like our own retreat...

Well, kinda like our retreat...I guess it is unavoidable. I surprised Adam with the new look and when he got home everyone piled onto the bed and the kids had to test things out. So the first night we got into our "new" room, somehow there were toys in bed with us and doll strollers parked in the corner.


As I was taking pictures and trying to get the right lighting, I came across this awesome shadow from the window panes. Pretty awesome!

Peace and Fluf

BTW...see that nice fluffy yarn on the pillows? Check back in about a year and I might have a post on my finished afghan...LOL :)

August 6, 2013

Blanching, Bathing, Boiling

This past Thursday night my oldest and I went out to the garden to "check" on things and we had so many vegetables I sent her back inside to get another bowl. In addition to the already 20+ tomatoes we already had on the counter, I felt the need to instantly begin blanching, sanitizing, bathing, and boiling. For my first time canning, I was excited to see how this was going to turn out - It was a huge success! Well at least it looks pretty, but I guess now we will have to taste it.

After all the research, it started getting a little confusing because of everything out on the web. So I asked a friend for some tips because she has canned before and she told me a great website to use. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to "make" the sauce and then can it, but she suggested just doing stewed tomatoes because then you can use it for everything (chili, spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, lasagna, salsa, etc.) so that is what I did.

I loved everything about this canning process - even the mess! After I got everything cleaned up, Adam and I were laying in bed watching TV and we would get so tickled everytime we would hear a "pop". I think I got up to 5 out of 6 before I fell asleep. But rest assured I was up at 4 am and they were all sealed.

I think the littles are going to have tomato stained cheeks and noses.
Peace and Fluf!