September 16, 2013

Grandma's Quilts

Recently, Adam's aunt brought over three quilts that his grandma made many years ago. Even though they are not in the best shape, I am still in awe of the beautiful work Grandma Millie did. Friday afternoon while the little ones were napping, Ayda was helping me put clean sheets on our bed and saw the quilts folded up on my dresser and asked what they were. It was very special and wished Adam could have experienced this with Ayda because I know how much he loved his grandma. Even though I never met her, I know we would have had a special bond because of all the memories Adam talks about and always says "my grandma would have loved you!" So as I was spreading the quilt out I was explaining to Ayda that this was Opa's mommy who made it, she too, seemed to feel the love.

Shortly after, the other two kids woke up and they had to feel the love too! I am going to attempt and preserve the other quilts for Myla and Henry so they will have a little part of Grandma Millie.

Peace and Fluf

September 10, 2013

For all you Food Bloggies

Last week I was in the mood to cook and bake and found a couple recipes that sounded good. Adam was out of town, so after I gave the kids baths, had a popcorn party with Ayda, tucked her in, I straightened up the house and washed dishes and bottles, I began making all this at about 10 pm.

I still had about 15 tomatoes sitting on the counter so I thought this recipe (here) sounded good. Stuffed Ricotta and Orzo Tomatoes. The store I stopped at on my way home had orzo, but it was $10 for a little container, so I decided to use couscous (which is a great source of protein too). Now I'm not going to lie, I thought this turned out bland. It wasn't terrible, but not great. I would recommend more spices it calls for and add a little cumin and cayenne pepper. There was just something missing if you like a little more zing. I made it for the ladies at work and it was probably 50/50 as far as liking and not disliking, but more like mehhhh...

I also made these little devil of a cookie called Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookie Bars. (here) OMG!!! These are/were a-MAAAZING! Enough said. I don't even want to talk about it for the fear of making another batch...yikes! (Yes, Adam, I do owe you a batch, but maybe after our 11 mile run Saturday...haha :))

Then, I came across these little critters (here) and they were also delicious. I made them for a Friday lunch with hotdogs for the kids. Henry and Myla liked them, but it didn't surprise me that Ayda didn't. The batch made about 15, so I froze about 8 for another dinner (hmmm maybe tonight since we have soccer practice).