March 30, 2013


I love finding cool, cheap buys. The other day I left work early to do all the necessary things around the house like cleaning, laundry, dishes, etc. because anyone with kids knows that is not happening when they are all at home, right? But somehow I found myself out shopping instead of doing all the "right" things. Springtime always inspires me for new ideas, new clothes, a new hairdo, and yes even a little new (to me) old blue bird.  I love finding these little treasures and seriously gives me so much pleasure. Weird I know, but I am a very simple girl and I could have spent $1000 on new clothes, a new "do", new shoes (don't worry, Adam, I didn't spend close to that!), but this little blue bird was my most favorite purchase of the day and it was only $1.00. I even paid for it with change out of my stash in my car. This little guy will be perched on a shelf in my new craft room.

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