August 24, 2013

Mix Match Kiddie Outfits

The other day I mentioned I had picked up some cute material to make the kids outfits, well here are the finished products. This whole sewing clothes is kinda new to me, but excites me because I love LOVE fabric (dangerous), so when I go to the store - watch out (especially now) because I have about a gazillion ideas of what I could do with this lovely, ever-so adorable, stinkin' cute, I wonder what it would look like..., I should make this, oh my - I have to have this, the kids would look so sweet in this...material. Yep, now you got a little glimpse of how my mind explodes. It's tiring!
Last night when we all got home I showed Ayda and Myla their new outfits and Ayda couldn't stop hugging me. Myla's face lit up and she squealed. Ayda tried hers on and you would have thought she was wearing the best name brand clothing line. She even ran to match a headband with it. So mama was quite pleased with their reaction.

Peace and (tired) Fluf!

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