March 26, 2013

For the Love of Crafting

For those of you who know me, know how much I love crafting. You can tell by walking into my house and seeing our family kitchen table piled high with leftover project material and my sewing machine. Some ask, "where do you eat dinner?" And I respond, "uh...right here." Yep, that's right! Spills and all, I will continue to craft at my table UNTIL...Adam decided to surprise me for Christmas and promised to build me a craftroom in the basement. (I think he got tired of the kitchen table being used as my craftroom and sewing table). Here is the progress being made. And actually it is even further, (I just do not have pictures for proof) but I actually have 2 coats of primer on the walls. Now I need to find some time to paint the ceiling and "color" :-) the walls and lay the floor. I'm super duper excited and so is Ayda because if you look in the 4th picture she says that's HER corner...haha.


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