March 21, 2013

To Great-Grandma's house we go!

What a day! Lets just say packing for three kids 3 and under is a bit stressful. Throughout the 4 hour process of getting ready to pack, planning what to pack, and finally packing can really wear a  momma out. Three kids x 4 days = 4 outfits + 2 extra for each = 18 outfits (not including jammmers which = 12), 3 pairs of shoes x 3 = 9 pairs of shoes. Diapers, formula, bottles, spoons, baby food, tylenol, bibs, burp rags, 2 pack-n-plays,booster seat sippy cups, toys, lovies, blankets, and bath essentials. Needless to say the car is packed. We may have to leave a few things behind just to fit in some IKEA purchases!

After several attempts of trying to go to MN to visit my grandparents we are finally on our way. The first try was for the Bender family reunion. Last minute we were unable to go because my doctor put me on bedrest with our second child, Myla. Second attempt, my doctor put me on bedrest with our third child, Henry (within 10 months from 2nd child). Third time is a charm...right?

So far not so bad, besides the fact that our oldest, Ayda, is still awake at 11:30pm. We've had some interesting conversations...whew,  this kid can talk!

Gotta go...almost to our hotel for the night. This should be a peach getting all three settled and to sleep. I may fall asleep tonight...or not!

Updates to follow. Goodnight!

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