April 15, 2013

Long Over Due

Today I decided it was time I finished both of my girls' afghans. I have procrastinated enough and just want to see the finished projects on their beds. Myla's, I don't feel that bad about since I had two babies 10 mos. and 10 days apart. I actually finished Henry's before I even knew he was going to be a boy. However, Miss Ayda's, I just don't feel like I have a good excuse...I got it out Saturday night and Ayda asked me who it was for. I told her it was for her and she said, "because you love me, mommy?" Every square I would stitch together, she would ask if I was finished, so now it has to get done! Myla's is the chevron stitch and Ayda's is the granny stitch. They will be bigger than what is showing right now. My hopes are for these little girls to someday want to bring them to college with them as a reminder of their mommy...love them! xoxo

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