April 16, 2013

Team Work, Team Work!

Last night after dance, I looked around the house and it had become a disaster from the weekend. I have to admit, I was not that great about keeping a "contained mess" with all the kids' toys, but I had other priorities set aside for the weekend and I just didn't really care. So after we got the two little ones to bed, Adam and I were in full force in getting stuff done fast (laundry, dishes, bottles, putting toys away, and a little sewing for me).
Unfortunately, Ayda was still awake and can sometimes hinder me getting things done, but fortunately she was in a pretty good mood, so I thought I would be patient and have her help me. (I firmly believe that kids need more responsibility today so they don't EXPECT things to be done for them). Without her even knowing, I wanted to teach her a lesson. In the past, Ayda has always wanted to help with laundry and she does usually fold all the wash"clubs" (as she refers to them) and hand towels, but has never gone downstairs to help. So we (I) carried down all the dirty clothes, I showed her how to sort the darks and whites, I had her empty the dryer clothes into the laundry basket and then I handed her all the clothes from the washer so she could throw them into the dryer. And I will never EVER forget these innocent words she said to me, "Mommy, this is VERY hard work!" and "why are there so MANY clothes?!" Maybe, just maybe, I taught her a lesson on how hard mommy and daddy work at just keeping her clothes clean and that it's not necessary to change clothes 5 times a day. Next lesson will be to sort her clothes and hang them up. :-) I think we are making progress towards a very responsible little girl. Bless her heart!

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