April 23, 2013

"Tutu" Cute!

We are now over halfway through our first year of dance class and Ayda has been doing great! She especially loves tap dancing and I always know when she likes a particular dance because I can hear her squealing inside the dance studio...over the music...and lots of giggling. Both her teachers have commented to me that she is quite the joker - do I take that as a compliment?

In her age group, they have to wear pink leotards, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes (and of course I had to spruce it up a bit with a little pink sheer overlay - not quite a tutu), but to be quite honest, I'm bored with it so I thought the only way I could change up the look a bit and to get her through the season was to give her a little sparkle. A new tutu and headband.


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