April 17, 2013

Hi Ho Hi Ho Off to Work We Go

About 4 years ago, my wonderful husband made me a cute, little garden, edged in patio pavers and was about an 8'x6' space. It has been great for our family, producing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and beans. Now that our family has increased by 3 kids, our garden has relocated and has expanded to a 20'x20' area.

So last weekend Adam spent a whole day reseeding the old garden and tilling the new garden. Every year I tell myself I am going to plan out, diagram, research and be the best vegetable caregiver I can be. If this goes as planned and we produce major amounts, I would love to learn how to can and make yummy salsa too. We shall see about this...if time allows I suppose.

Here is my new garden space. Don't you think a cute little fence needs to be added (with chicken coop in the inside) to keep the little critters out? I do, but I guess one thing at a time, patience is not my virtue...I'm sure my hubby would agree with this!

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