May 8, 2013

April Showers WILL Bring May Flowers I thought April showers would bring May flowers, but apparently not this weekend either. We are supposed to be getting more rain Thurs.-Sat. - uugghh, enough already! We want to get outside and play, feel the grass in between our toes, feel the warm earth in our hands (plant the garden and flowers), the wind in our hair and BBQ some yummy food.

I found this wreath idea here and thought it was very cute. I did change mine up a little bit with the letter and the yarn wrapped grapevine wreath, but absolutely loved the felt flowers. In fact, I love them so much (and so does Little Miss Ma'am) that I am making a garland of them for in her room - either for her curtains or along her shelf (will post pics when finished). They are so quick and easy to whip up and very bright and cheery that I could not resist! I'm thinking I might make some for each room...LOL! Actually this little wreath has inspired quite a few ideas - one of which was Ayda's and that is - "mommy, will you make me alot of headbands with these flowers?" And I'm thinking on flip flops they would be cute too...we shall see where these end up. I promise they will stay away from the boys.

Another to-do project is staining our new front door...

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