May 14, 2013

Childhood Memories

This weekend brought back some great memories from my childhood and even better I got to share it with my children - on Mother's Day!

All I wanted on Mother's Day was to have nice weather and to be outside in the garden with all my kids and Adam - and this, I got! Saturday after Ayda's t-ball game we went to this wonderful nursery and picked out vegetable plants for our LARGE garden. This is what we got:

1. tomato plants - 10
2. pepper plants - 10
3. zucchini plants - 2
4. - squash - 3
5. cucumber plants - 2
6. sweet potatoes - 3
7. lettuce seeds
8. green beans - 2 packs
9. sugar snap peas - 2 packs

Now, this isn't just a garden - it's a piece of work! Every year (even in my little garden prior to my new BIG garden) I always say I want to do it the "right" way. You might wonder what the "right" way means. Well, this would be making sure all the rows are straight and everything lines up just so. Yep, I got out the stakes and yarn (not the tape measure or level though, maybe next

Growing up on a farm, this was one major task I remember helping with every summer. My mom and grandma would start unwinding yarn and staking out the rows and then my sister and I would start dropping little seeds in the holes. I'm sure it lasted for one whole row and then I had better things to do, like playing with worms and playing with my trucks in the dirt. But this is something I will always cherish from my childhood and I want to share it with my children.

So, Sunday Adam tilled up the dirt (again) and as soon as he was done Ayda asked if she could take off her shoes and go running in the dirt. Sure, why not! The fun began. I loved hearing the squealing and giggling coming from two of my kids and seeing the happiness on their sweet faces as they ran back and forth in the fresh dirt. We looked for worms and they both were fascinated with them and liked "petting" them. Then we got to work and started digging holes for the plants and right beside me there they were helping fill the empty containers with more dirt to fill the holes. This didn't last very long, but then they got out the trucks and tractors and I just had to sit back and watch - this is what I lived for in the summer months as a kid, just diggin' in the dirt, pretending and playing.

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