August 13, 2013

Bedroom Makeover

I think every room of our house has a splash of color. I am not afraid to experiment with paint colors, however when I painted our bedroom navy, I was never sold on the color, but didn't have much of an option because shortly after I painted it we got pregnant...pregnant...and oops pregnant again. So needless to say, I was busy with babies and of course making their rooms cute and fun for them.

This past weekend I had planned on getting this HUGE task accomplished and I finally did it! I am so pleased the way it turned out and now I am excited to start adding the little touches.

I absolutely fell in love with this on Pinterest (here), so I recreated it for our bedroom. I want our room to be a place where we can get away from it all (kids, toys, dirty dishes, laundry, phones, etc.) and talk about our day. Like our own retreat...

Well, kinda like our retreat...I guess it is unavoidable. I surprised Adam with the new look and when he got home everyone piled onto the bed and the kids had to test things out. So the first night we got into our "new" room, somehow there were toys in bed with us and doll strollers parked in the corner.


As I was taking pictures and trying to get the right lighting, I came across this awesome shadow from the window panes. Pretty awesome!

Peace and Fluf

BTW...see that nice fluffy yarn on the pillows? Check back in about a year and I might have a post on my finished afghan...LOL :)

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  1. super awesome jill! you are so creative and never cease to amaze me! kudos