September 16, 2013

Grandma's Quilts

Recently, Adam's aunt brought over three quilts that his grandma made many years ago. Even though they are not in the best shape, I am still in awe of the beautiful work Grandma Millie did. Friday afternoon while the little ones were napping, Ayda was helping me put clean sheets on our bed and saw the quilts folded up on my dresser and asked what they were. It was very special and wished Adam could have experienced this with Ayda because I know how much he loved his grandma. Even though I never met her, I know we would have had a special bond because of all the memories Adam talks about and always says "my grandma would have loved you!" So as I was spreading the quilt out I was explaining to Ayda that this was Opa's mommy who made it, she too, seemed to feel the love.

Shortly after, the other two kids woke up and they had to feel the love too! I am going to attempt and preserve the other quilts for Myla and Henry so they will have a little part of Grandma Millie.

Peace and Fluf

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