September 10, 2013

For all you Food Bloggies

Last week I was in the mood to cook and bake and found a couple recipes that sounded good. Adam was out of town, so after I gave the kids baths, had a popcorn party with Ayda, tucked her in, I straightened up the house and washed dishes and bottles, I began making all this at about 10 pm.

I still had about 15 tomatoes sitting on the counter so I thought this recipe (here) sounded good. Stuffed Ricotta and Orzo Tomatoes. The store I stopped at on my way home had orzo, but it was $10 for a little container, so I decided to use couscous (which is a great source of protein too). Now I'm not going to lie, I thought this turned out bland. It wasn't terrible, but not great. I would recommend more spices it calls for and add a little cumin and cayenne pepper. There was just something missing if you like a little more zing. I made it for the ladies at work and it was probably 50/50 as far as liking and not disliking, but more like mehhhh...

I also made these little devil of a cookie called Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookie Bars. (here) OMG!!! These are/were a-MAAAZING! Enough said. I don't even want to talk about it for the fear of making another batch...yikes! (Yes, Adam, I do owe you a batch, but maybe after our 11 mile run Saturday...haha :))

Then, I came across these little critters (here) and they were also delicious. I made them for a Friday lunch with hotdogs for the kids. Henry and Myla liked them, but it didn't surprise me that Ayda didn't. The batch made about 15, so I froze about 8 for another dinner (hmmm maybe tonight since we have soccer practice).

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