October 30, 2013

1st Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Henry!
First birthdays are always so much fun. Not that the kids really ever remember it, but for parents, we enjoy looking back and reminiscing of "remember when" - we held him for the first time, his sisters met him, he slept through the night, his first tooth, him crawling, almost walking, and yes - no more formula!! All those things you go through in the first year and how blessed we have been having such a healthy, handsome little boy.
I think Henry had a good time. He loved all his new "boy" toys, even though mommy and daddy (okay - really just mommy) got him a little, boy, baby doll, so he can play with his sisters. He loved all his cars, trucks, and tractors (the girls did too)!
And this little guy was not shy with eating his cake.

 I enjoy making the kids' 1st birthday outfit, to match the theme .  Lil' Monster was the theme. And it was fun picking out fabrics, papers, and then creating everything.


I wish I could've made a few more stuffed monsters, but time just didn't allow. They were super simple to make - the best part is I didn't use a pattern, but just "eyed" everything - because afterall monsters are far from perfect, right?
I did purchase the PDF clipart for the monsters above the mirror and for invitations I made (here).

Overall, the day was great!
Peace and Fluf!

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