January 24, 2014

Tea Time

Recently, I was asked if I would be willing to be "contracted" to make a banner for a business. The lady actually remembered seeing a birthday banner that I had made for my son's 1st birthday (here) and wondered if I would be interested. And of course I couldn't say no, so from here we started the planning and details.
 Instead of making it out of paper, we decided to make it out of fabric to make it more durable. From this point I was sold. As you all know, I LOVE fabric. I love all aspects of it....the feel, the patterns, the colors - I just can't get enough...okay, tiny secret, I have an obsession!
 I loved working with this lady because she really gave me the "go ahead" to make it look good. She told me the basic colors, but said she wanted something to make it pop. I recommended the teal letters and some teal fabric to pull it all together. And in my mind I think of tea parties as shabby chic so this is how I got the idea to put a little burlap under the white circles.

As things were rolling with the banner, I got an email asking if I could do a table runner too. Sure thing! (Not to mention at the time, my sewing machine was in the shop for repairs).

As much as I enjoyed these ever so springy colors - I think I enjoyed staging for the pictures too.

 Not too shabby :)
I threw this embroidered hand towel in as an added bonus.
If you are interested in her business, check it out (here)!
As Always, Peace and Fluf!

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